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Merk: LANK Model: 21613037
Stevig, Nauwkeurig Navigatieinstrument .Helder acryl. Facetten aan lange zijde. Steunschijven aan onderzijde tegen glijden. Het populairste ontwerp van Captain Fields. Zet uw koers betrouwbaar uit op uw kaarten..
Excl. BTW:€23,55
Merk: Plastimo Model: A17118
Houder voor passers PVC houder voor gebogen passers tot 20 cm lengte..
Excl. BTW:€5,45
Merk: Plastimo Model: A10558
Gemaakt van gepolijst koper met R.V.S. punten, wrijvingsafstelling. Verpakt in een P.V.C. etui. Eenhands passer!..
Excl. BTW:€19,83
Merk: Plastimo Model: A10556
Gemaakt van gepolijst koper met R.V.S. punten, wrijvingsafstelling. Verpakt in een P.V.C. etui...
Excl. BTW:€18,39
Merk: PORTLAND Model: PLA0132
De-lux Breton Type plotter with raised nurled compass rose for easy use with cold, wet hands...
Excl. BTW:€17,31
Merk: PORTLAND Model: PLA0131
"The Portland Course Plotter Kit Used worldwide by practical and shore based instructors, Bright blue directional arrow prevents accidental reciprocal bearings, Edges are graduated for tide and boat speed, Base has a fixed grid so it is easy to plot latitude from your GPS system, Includes a 7"" S..
Excl. BTW:€28,93
Merk: Weems & Plath Model: PLA0011A
"The 7 Inch Removable Point Divider is constructed of lightweight matte nickel-plated brass. All our navigation tools are reliable and easy to use. Also available in 5 inch and 6 inch Lifetime warranty Weight: 0.16 lb (73 g) Dimensions: 7"" (178 mm)"..
Excl. BTW:€14,63
W&P 7  Single Handed Brass Dividers (170)
Levertijd 2-6 dagen
Merk: Weems & Plath Model: PLA0011
"Every seasoned navigator has a pair of these attractive one hand brass dividers on his chart table. 7 inches long One-hand brass dividers can be opened and closed with one hand while performing chart work Handle is brass Tapered sides are bright finished marine alloy Weight: 0.2 lb. (91 ..
Excl. BTW:€20,58
Merk: Weems & Plath Model: PLA0004
The Basic Navigation Set provides the essential navigation instruments required for basic navigation, such as finding your position and your range and bearing to a destination...
Excl. BTW:€25,74
Merk: Weems & Plath Model: PLA0134
At first glance you might think this GPS chart plotter is just another traditional parallel plotter, but upon closer examination you will see that this new instrument was specifically designed for the modern navigator. The GPS Plotter is a GPS chart plotter that provides a straightforward and effect..
Excl. BTW:€29,07
Merk: Weems & Plath Model: PLA0021D
This version of the LightRule is for the European Inland Waterways which have a unique system of lights for vessel identification called CEVNI. This simple to use vessel identification tool shows the actual view of vessels for port, starboard, bow and stern lights on European Inland Waterways. Th..
Excl. BTW:€16,76
Merk: Weems & Plath Model: PLA0021
If you have ever been on the water at night and wondered if the marine navigation lights you see are from an approaching or fleeing vessel, or if you wonder that the vessel is a fishing trawler or super tanker, then LIGHTrule is for you. This simple-to-use vessel identification tool is inexpensiv..
Excl. BTW:€16,76
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